September 13, 2017

10 Badass Quotes For Training Motivation

These are my personal favorite quotes that I have discovered throughout my time in training.

They have nothing to do with Crossfit, but they are easily relatable to the grinds of training.

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You’re training hard, getting stronger, becoming more conditioned, learning how to be more efficient, and developing mental toughness everyday so why not you? This is my all time favorite quote because of how simple it is, it’s like someone is having a conversation with you about your success and asks you this question. Don’t answer with all the reasons why not, but instead why.
Anyone with the goal of becoming a Games athlete such as myself has probably at least once thought that at this point in time it can’t be done. The people at the top have been doing it for years, I’ll never be that strong, I’m too tall, my region is too tough, there’s too many competitors now, I don’t have a coach, I can’t even make Regionals how am I gonna make the Games? Those are all thoughts that can come up during your weak days of training, but even Froning had those same thoughts when he first started Crossfit and now look at him.
You’re not at the Games and you’re not a well known athlete, that should be all the motivation you can ever need.
If you work your weaknesses every day in training and you do movements that make you uncomfortable you will be much more prepared than the rest of the field when the “battle” comes around. The better trained athlete welcomes adversity while the other athletes fear it.
Some of the greatest business leaders in today’s world have said that it is harder for smart people to succeed than for dumb people, because “dumb” people don’t over-think and look at all the reasons why they won’t succeed, “dumb” people just get to work and persist everyday. Smart people are looking at the statistical probability of them making them Games and so they don’t even get started. “Dumb” people are unrealistic and so they decide to train their ass off day in and day out while not allowing the doubts into their head at all.
Tens of thousands of people in your region are shooting for only 20-30 spots to go to Regionals, so how can you afford to take it easy today? Everyone in these thousands of people is training to beat you, you need to be training to become unbeatable. They’re training to kill you so you need be training to kill them. One weakness will eliminate you from getting to Regionals, if just one of your weaknesses shows up in the Opens, you are out of the game. Just as soldiers in the battlefield can not relax for one second, you can not relax in your training. They relax and they die, you relax and your dream dies.
It’s not a coincidence that there are certain gyms that produce high numbers of Regionals and Games athletes every year. Think of Crossfit Mayhem, Crossfit New England, Crossfit Invictus, and Reebok Crossfit One, these gyms have an atmosphere of competition and winning in their gyms. When you go to these gyms you can instantly understand that this is a place focused on building professional athletes and not on being a Planet Fitness. Either you join these few gyms of wolves or you create your gym into one.
The Spartans did not care about what other armies said about their upcoming enemy, they did not care how many soldiers they had or what kind of weapons they used, they only cared about where they were so they could fight them.
Don’t worry about how good your competitors are, compete every time you get the opportunity. If you don’t think you’re good enough to compete against those people at the local competitions, compete anyway! Even if they blow you out of the water you will still gain more experience than if you dominated easier competitors.
This is all about competing, the strength of the other athletes do not matter, it only matters how I’ve prepared.
Everytime I think I’m over-training because my body feels a little sore or I’ve put in 5+ workouts in a day I think of this quote. The body is capable of doing so much more than we think and over-training is something you will likely never reach. You don’t need to listen to your body unless you’re legitimately injured and even then you can still work other body parts while you recover.
When the elite athletes leave the gym they go home and read articles on how to get better for tomorrow. When they have spare time and are watching TV they are also rolling out and stretching for added mobility. If you are not obsessed with being a pro Crossfit athlete then it’s not going to happen for you. Like Rory Mckernan says: “Being a Crossfit Games athlete is basically a mental illness.”


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