September 23, 2017

10 Core Cashouts To Try After a WOD

I coach both the 5am bootcamp class and 6am Crossfit class at Crossfit Rancho Cucamonga and one of my favorite things about coaching is coming up with a cashout when we have some left over time after a WOD. The members always love doing it and even after they’re done and are lying in pain they’re happy they did it.

The great thing about a core cashout is that it allows members to get some extra work in without hitting muscles that are already blown out or sore from their workout.
These are ten of my recently used core cashouts that I have created for my classes over the past month. They don’t take any longer than 10 minutes each.

2 Rounds:

20 Wide leg situps

50 Weighted Russian Twists 10#

50 Crunchy frog sit ups

20 V-ups

End with 1:00 plank

3 Rounds:

30 Side-plank hip taps each side

30 V-ups

30 Flutter kicks with a pause at top (slow)

30 Mountain climbers

100 Russian twists

100 Bicycle kicks (slow)

100 Flutter kicks (slow)

100 In-n-out sit ups

3 Rounds:

20 weighted hanging leg raises

20 toes to bars


100 Double unders

1:00 plank

75 Double unders

1:00 side plank right

50 Double unders

1:00 side plank left

25 Double unders

3 Rounds:

5 strict toes to bar

10 regular toes to bar

5 strict toes to bar

10 regular toes to bar

1:00 rest between rounds

*All completed without coming off the bar*


2 Rounds:

50 Wall-ball sit ups

50 Wall-ball Russian Twists with straight legs

25 Knees to elbows with wall-ball

25 Wall-ball V-ups

3:20 Side plank right

3:20 Side plank left

3:20 Plank

2 Rounds:

50 Reverse crunch hip thrusts with wall-ball

25 Barbell overhead situps 45#

3 Rounds:

:15 Hanging L-sit

50 Flutter kicks (slow)

:15 Hanging L-sit

50 Twisting situps

Some of these might be too easy so you’ll have to modify them depending on how hard you want to work.
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