October 12, 2020

2020 Crossfit Games Athlete’s BMI’s

BMI of top Crossfit Athletes

Next Monday the final 5 men and final 5 women will compete for 7 days at the Crossfit Games finals in Aromas, California, and it turns out that half the field is considered overweight.

And Mat Fraser? 4x Crossfit Games champion, he’s considered obese in BMI standards.

BMI: a person’s height divided by their weight.

It is used typically to determine a person’s body fat, but it is very flawed because it does not account for muscle mass. It may work for the average person but definitely not the athlete.

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  • Underweight = < 18.5
  • Normal = 18.5-24.9
  • Overweight = 25.0-29.9
  • Obese = 30.0+

Below we have calculated each of the remaining Crossfit Games athletes BMI’s, and you’ll see something interesting between the males and females.

2020 Crossfit Games Athlete's BMI's
2020 Crossfit Games Athlete's BMI's

As you can see interestingly enough every male is considered overweight while all of the women are considered to be in the healthy normal range.

And the reason why this is, is because the men’s heights range from 5’7-5’11 while the women’s heights are very close, between 5’3-5’7 while also averaging 50 pounds/23kg less in bodyweight.

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Fun Fact: For Mat Fraser to be considered a healthy normal weight by BMI standards he would have to weigh just 159 pounds (72kg) and that would give him a 24.9 BMI.

He currently weighs 195lbs/89kg meaning he would have to lose 36lbs/16kg which would no doubt severely negatively affect his athletic performance.


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