The Complete Guide on Beta-Alanine vs Creatine

creatine vs beta alanine

Supplements aren’t going to turn you into an advanced athlete, but they can amplify everything you’re already doing, and when you start reaching the top levels of performance every little bit helps. That’s why so many people are interested in what Beta-Alanine has to offer them since it can help them reach their physical goals […]

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The Increasing Importance of Weightlifting at the Crossfit Games

crossfit weightlifting 2021

At this year’s Crossfit Games, weightlifting exercises were more popular compared to past games. The programming included 15 weightlifting exercises – 43% of the total. At the last CF Games, there were almost half of them – nine. Most likely, in the next games, their volume will increase again, and for good reason. Weightlifting / […]

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Which Elite Crossfit Program Improved The Most In The Last Year

best crossfit programs

Guest post by BrownKiwi With the growing popularity of training camps, tracking the main training camp athletes each year is going to produce some interesting data. Not only does it provide insight into the best  programs and coaches, it also provides fans the opportunity to root for their favourite camps, not just their favourite individuals. […]

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2021 Crossfit Games Athletes Body Mass Index (BMI)

2021 crossfit games stats

In case you didn’t already know, almost every athlete competing for the title of fittest on Earth at the Crossfit Games is overweight…according to BMI standards. BMI takes into account a person’s height and weight, while it’s biggest disadvantage is that it doesn’t account for muscle mass. BMI REFERENCE 19-24: NORMAL 25-29: OVERWEIGHT 30-39: OBESE […]

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Which Training Program Had The Best Results at the 2021 Crossfit Games

best crossfit training program 2021

The 2021 Crossfit Games just ended and it went exactly as we thought it would for the women, and on the men’s side we got a new champion in Medeiros. Of course when someone reaches the very top people become interested in what their training throughout the year looks like and what program they follow. […]

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Дванадцять питань до новачків CrossFit Games Лазара та Лудка Дукік

crossfit ukraine

Двадцяти п’ятирічний Лазар Дукік та двадцяти двох річний Лука Дукік з Сербії цього року будуть дебютувати на CrossFit Games. Здається що ці хлопці здатні зробити собі гучні імена як відкриття цього року. Наразі є лише два зали в Белграді і саме вихідці з них завоювали квоти на Games, продемонструвавши надзвичайний рівень підготовленості на CrossFit German Throwdown де Лазар фінішував […]

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