September 6, 2017

How to prep your week for the Crossfit Opens

How to prep your week for the crossfit opens
Once the Opens come around in late February and it’s time to prove your fitness it’s already too late to push your training, that’s what the entire last year was for. There are ways however, to prep your Opens schedule for maximum results and Ben Bergeron gives us great insight on how to do exactly that.
Most people reading this already know who Ben Bergeron is, but what you might not have known is that he has an incredible YouTube channel where helps you become a better athlete and strive for excellence in all parts of your life.
In one of his videos, Maximizing Your Crossfit Open he discusses the best way to schedule out your week to give yourself the best shot at regionals. I break it down and put the process in writing for you below.
You can watch the whole video here: Maximizing Your Crossfit Open

How to prep your week for the Opens – From Ben Bergeron



Most of Bergeron’s athletes do a walkthrough on Thursday, mainly because they don’t like competing coming off of a rest day. Instead, they do light, low intensity workouts that include easy movements. An example workout he mentions in his video is:
EMOM 12:
  • 12 Cal Row
  • 3 Pullups, 6 Pushups, 9 Air Squats
The key to keep in mind here is to know that they’re not even trying to predict the movements that are going to show up in the workout, they are only using this day as an active recovery day. Nothing to cause soreness, no heavy breathing.



Hit the Opens workout as hard as you possibly can, with the assumption that you’re not going to do it again.
**Even if you’re going to repeat the workout, you need to perform this first time with the mindset that you are only going to do it once.**
Don’t leave anything on the table, because you know you’ll be doing it again. After hitting the workout nothing else is done that day.



This is used as another active recovery day. Let the body rest from the previous day’s intensity. 
How to prepare for the crossfit opens



“Skills and drills day” This is the day to work on skills that you need to strengthen up a bit such as handstand push-ups, bar muscle ups, etc. Nothing is super intense, no blazing heart rates, just honing in on some skills.



Attack the workout again with maximum intensity. Scores are due at 5pm so this is your last chance to hit it hard.


Full rest day.


This is your “On Day”. This is the only day of the week where you are actually training full speed and with intensity as you normally do during your non-Opens schedule.


Cycle restarts again. Repeat for all 5 weeks.
For some people your work/gym schedule may not allow for this exact cycle, but this is definitely a great template to follow for anyone looking to succeed in the Opens.

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