The Increasing Importance of Weightlifting at the Crossfit Games

crossfit weightlifting 2021

At this year’s Crossfit Games, weightlifting exercises were more popular compared to past games. The programming included 15 weightlifting exercises – 43% of the total. At the last CF Games, there were almost half of them – nine. Most likely, in the next games, their volume will increase again, and for good reason. Weightlifting / […]

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Which Elite Crossfit Program Improved The Most In The Last Year

best crossfit programs

Guest post by BrownKiwi With the growing popularity of training camps, tracking the main training camp athletes each year is going to produce some interesting data. Not only does it provide insight into the best  programs and coaches, it also provides fans the opportunity to root for their favourite camps, not just their favourite individuals. […]

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Which Training Program Had The Best Results at the 2021 Crossfit Games

best crossfit training program 2021

The 2021 Crossfit Games just ended and it went exactly as we thought it would for the women, and on the men’s side we got a new champion in Medeiros. Of course when someone reaches the very top people become interested in what their training throughout the year looks like and what program they follow. […]

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The Top 10 Men’s Semifinal Battles

mens crossfit semifinals

This post will be discussing only the MEN’S side of competition. Women’s post is HERE Instead of Regionals and instead of Sanctionals we now have Quarterfinals and Semifinals. Although it is a slightly newer format Semifinals closely resembles Regionals in many ways. Depending on your citizenship and your current location, each athlete that moved on […]

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How Popular Is Crossfit on Youtube? A Lot More Than You Think

how popular is crossfit

Even after the dramatic rise of Crossfit throughout the years you will still come across comments online that say things along the line of “Who cares it’s not a real sport“, “who would want to watch this anyway“, and “nobody wants to watch people workout for time“. However Crossfit has only continued to grow and […]

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