October 12, 2018

How To Accurately Track Sprint Times Without A Laser Timer

In order to improve you need to record your progress on all aspects of your training, this is true for all sports and all skills.

Weightlifters know that to get stronger they must lift at certain percentages of their max lifts and they know how much they have gotten stronger by how much their overall max has increased. By tracking and recording every single one of their lifts they can determine how quickly they are progressing and which things they need to work on most.

They do not simply throw on a random amount of weights and hope that they’ll get stronger, so why do speed athletes sprint without timing and hope they’ll get faster?

Sprinting without a timer is basically sprinting blind. Some sprints may feel better than others but theres no way to know if your sprints are getting faster unless you time them. Without a timer there is also no way to see which part of your sprint needs the most work.

If an athlete is training to get a faster 40 yard dash for example they need to work on explosive starts, acceleration, and top end speed. If you are sprinting without a timer you have no way of knowing which aspect needs the most work, no matter what it feels like.

So why do athletes do this?

The primary reason why most athletes don’t track their sprint times is because they simply have no way of doing so. A laser timer costs thousands of dollars and is difficult to setup, and a friend with a stopwatch is not exactly accurate.

This means that the only time you can get an accurate time is when you actually are tested in competition, which is not ideal.

Luckily there is new wearable technology that allows you to easily time and record all of your sprints and agility drills with the accuracy of a laser timer without the price.


JAWKU – The company that killed the stopwatch has created the perfect wearable technology for athletes.

  • Visualize your performance over time and get the accuracy of multi-thousand dollar timing systems condensed into technology that you wear on your wrist.


This wearable pairs with the JAWKU app on your phone and allows you to accurately time and record all of your sprints for daily progression. This is the perfect tracking technology for athletes of every level as it does not require anything except the bracelet and your phone, no lasers and no one else required.


Using the device is incredibly simple and requires only a couple of seconds for setup:

  1. Set up the test, choose your distance and select MOVEMENT MODE.
  2. Put the phone in the stand at the finish line (vertically, portrait orientation) with the front phone camera directly lined up with the finish line.
  3. After you hit READY, go to the start line.
  4. When ready to run click the JAWKU button on the wristband and hold steady for at least a two-count.
  5. Start the sprint and run. The time will start tracking. A successful start will trigger a beep. If you do not hear the beep, something went wrong and you’ll need to re-initiate the test
  6. Run past the finish line in front of the camera and your time will be recorded. For the best results, finish your sprint within 2-4 feet of the phone at the finish line.

How To Accurately Track Speed Without A Laser Timer

You can measure sprint speed, agility and reaction time. All you have to do is select your distance and start mode and you’re ready to go. No matter which sport you are in it always helps to be faster than your opponent.

If you have enough speed to run past an opposing player then you have eliminated their strength and size as they never had a chance to use them.

How To Track Your Speed Accurately Without A Laser Timer

One of the greatest things about JAWKU is the ability to track and see the differences in not only separate training sessions but also each individual sprint on the same day. This is an incredible feature of JAWKU that will undoubtedly increase your performance.

Why this is so important is because it allows you to see how every little adjustment directly affects your sprint speed and thus gives you incredible insight on how to get faster.

With JAWKU you will be able to see just how important proper technique is when sprinting. Feeling fast is sometimes a lot different than moving fast and you will be able to know the difference with JAWKU.

For example you may have a problem of standing up too early in the beginning of a sprint and JAWKU will be able to show you just how much that slows you down.


Another incredible feature of JAWKU is the ability to measure multiple athletes at the same time. This makes JAWKU an excellent and simple technology for coaches of all sports to use for their athletes as well as use for in-training testing sessions.

Competition between two people is one of the best ways to improve performance and JAWKU allows you to compete on every sprint.


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Speed is the great separator in sports and professional athletes know this. Having this device in your possession can drastically improve your performance in a matter of days as you will no longer be sprinting blind.

“When it comes to field sports speed is king. It is of course beneficial to have excellent strength and skills but out of all athletic talents speed is the most desirable and often has the biggest influence on the outcome of a competition.”


“I have always wanted to run fast. I measure myself all the time. But, using my stopwatch and iPhone isn’t a great way to get a real time. I don’t have access to or the money to buy the real expensive laser timing systems. So when I saw this on Instagram I immediately wanted to try it. The price was more than a stopwatch, but less than an iPhone and far less than the laser timing systems.

The first thing I want to say about this is that it works! Its easy to set up and to get started.
But, for the price I wanted to make sure it was accurate. $200 is a lot less than $2,000. It seemed accurate when I compared it with my stop watch. But to be sure, I went to a training facility near my work. I compared it to a system called Fusion. I looked on-line and the fusion system that I used was $2,500. Heres the best part of this story and the reason why I am taking the time to write this review. The Jawku was as accurate as the Fusion timing system. I tested 10 times and the average difference was 0.01.”  – Amazon User MC

“I never been able to accurately time myself until now. Jawku has allowed me to train by myself without an inaccurate stop watch. I would highly recommend this product!” – Lance Root

“Extremely helpful tool in tracking my athletes accurately. Being able to save every run and review the history from each session is very useful. This helps to motivate each individual to beat their logged time.” – Mel

If increasing your speed is a priority to you then there is no way around it, you need to start using JAWKU. When new, groundbreaking technology such as this is released it is often the first users that get the most benefit while everyone else is still skeptical. In the sport of speed there can be no hesitation.