November 1, 2019

An In-Depth Look at Lefteris Theofanidis

At the time of this writing 3 weeks of the 2020 Crossfit Open have already passed and the current #1 male in the world is not who you might have expected it to be.

The current lead is held by Greek national champion Lefteris Theofanidis

Because Theofanidis is not a household name in the Crossfit community we thought we would take a look and see how he got to this point.

As you can see Theofanidis has made some pretty substantial gains in the past couple of years, however not everyone is convinced that he should be sitting atop the leaderboard for a couple of reasons.

First of all there has been a bit of skepticism about the quality of his height and forearm measurements for the handstand pushup standard in 20.3. A couple things about that pointed out below:

Red flag #1: When establishing the initial line at the top of Theofanidis’ head, rather than using a flat object to measure the line, the measurers appear to eyeball the measurement and place a finger on the wall that appears lower than the top of his head.

Red flag #2: The camera repeatedly lets the measurement lines, and process in general, move out of frame from camera view. The measure also switches which finger he’s using to mark the line on the wall, switching from his index finger to his middle finger, and it’s unclear whether the measurement line moves as a result.

Red flag #3: When measuring the length of his forearm from his elbow to the knuckle furthest from the wall (as stated in the workout standards), his forearm clearly measures between 35 and 36 centimeters. As stated by the rules, half of that measurement, roughly 17.5-18 centimeters, should be added to the measurement line, but the helpers only add 16 centimeters to the line.

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Secondly and without proof, Theofanidis has been accused of using steroids by many on Instagram. A few of the comments below:

“What’s a measurement worth when you’re a juice bag either way.”

“Let alone the roids he’s taking”

“Dont worry about the measurements . Just get him to piss in a cup”

From what we have seen so far Lefteris Theofanidis is on top of the overall leaderboard because he is simply producing the best scores, until Crossfit HQ determines something different.

Do you think he will finish out the 2020 Crossfit Open as the worldwide #1 or will he get caught by 4x Champ Mat Fraser?


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